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fall loafer roundup

Anna BuggeComment
fall loafer roundup

Guys, it's the best time of year to get dressed...FALL!  And I'm still just so into loafers this year.  Here are some of my favorites for fall 2017 with some ideas for outfit pairings. 



Velvet is EVERYwhere this fall and these VINCE loafers let you incorporate the trend in a bit more of a subtle way, and I LOVE the shape. They also come in a beautiful shade of soft pink that would be a fun contrast to darker colors that are trending this fall such as navy and burgundy.  



These Tory Burch cross-stitch loafers are kind of amazing! I mean the crafty part of me is loving the cross stitch element and vivid colors.  These would be great with a black or navy monochrome look and would really dress up dark jeans and a white button down. 



These stunning everlane classics are my must buy for fall.  This color seems to go with everything in my wardrobe and I love the borrowed from the boys shape and vibe.  I can't wait to pair these with fall dresses or high waisted jeans and a vintage tee. 



Okay, Im having trouble believing this myself, but I'm recommending these shoes made by Kristin Cavallari.  Who would have ever guessed back when I watched The Hills this gal would become a shoe designer?! But these are really cute and the color is amazing for fall, they are also at a good price point.  If anyone gets these follow up with my on quality, Im curious.