vision boards

Its that time again when I reflect on the year that has passed and envision my year ahead. A favorite January tradition is having friends over for a vision board party.  We gather, usually on a Sunday afternoon, with visions of flat abs, tidy closets and tropical vacations dancing in our heads.  

Here are some of my tips for a great party.

  • invite a variety of people, old friends, new acquaintances and all ages! 
  • have supplies on hand so you can enjoy the party and make your own vision board.  poster board, tape (I prefer washi tape), glue, scissors and LOTS of magazines. also, encourage your guests to bring items that are inspiring them in the new year, a book, poem or photo. 
  • this is NOT a clean event so let go and enjoy the mess, there will be paper and magazine scraps everywhere! 
  • prepare some food beforehand, this party can be quite long with people dropping in and out. My go to is slow cooker chili and cornbread muffins. Have all everything (bowls, utensils, napkins and cups) out so guests can help themselves. 
  • when choosing images from magazines for your vision board don't focus so much on why you are picking the images just rip out whatever you are drawn to.  also don't worry how the images will fit together on the board, that can be figured out later. 

All photos are by the talented and lovely Laura Murray, based in Denver.